2021 Yeti Swagstakes

We are continuing our Yeti Program in 2021! Below you can find the flyer with the qualifying parts and their ticket values. The number next to the parts is the amount of tickets you will earn for purchasing that specific part. Each month we will randomly draw one of those tickets to win our monthly Yeti prize pack! These ticket are only good for that month's drawing. Save tickets after the drawing, because each ticket is worth 25 cents to be redeemed for swag and other stuff. Our monthly prize pack includes a "6 pack" of Yeti 18 oz. water bottles, $200 in tool bucks, a pizza party for your shop, and 1 enduro chance ticket per person in your shop*. 

Throughout the year, we are also going to give chances away to drive our cube vehicles in an enduro race at Hawkeye Downs. One vehicle will race in the enduro on May 23rd, 2021, and our other vehicle will race in the September 19th, 2021 enduro. You will find these chances in your Yeti monthly prize pack as well as some other random promotions that we will run throughout the year. More information about our enduro program is coming soon!

*New Information on our monthly drawing: We will be drawing 10 random numbers from our Yeti tickets at the beginning of each month. The numbers will be posted on Facebook. You will have 24 hours to check your numbers and see if any of yours match. The time stamp that the ticket is available is next to the ticket number. We will give the prize pack away starting with the first ticket in the list. If nobody claims the first ticket we will move onto the second ticket, and so on. If you have any questions about this process please reach out to us.

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