Enduro Program

What is an enduro?

Enduros are a cheap, easy, and fun way to race. They consist of taking a car you would drive on the street, making a few small changes, and then hitting the track. Unlike normal races, enduros can be run in the rain and snow, and only slow down for safety reasons. We are retiring our old Cube delivery cars, and entering them in 2 of the enduros at Hawkeye Downs in 2021! Two people will win the chance to drive in the enduros.


How do you get your chance?

-Training: 1 entry for each Good Guys training class completed

-Monthly Yeti Prize Pack: 1 entry for each employee* from a     monthly Yeti prize pack winning shop

-More to come: Throughout the year we will be running extra   promotions for additional entry opportunities


When are the enduros?

We will enter one car in the May 23rd enduro and the other in the September 19th race. The pit entrance opens at 8:00 AM.

The enduro races begin at 12:00 PM.

*For an example of an enduro race watch the video!