Enduro Program

What is an enduro?

Enduros are a cheap, easy, and fun way to race. They consist of taking a car you would drive on the street, making a few small changes, and then hitting the track. Unlike normal races, enduros can be run in the rain and snow, and only slow down for safety reasons. 

We are entering 2 cars in the 200-Lap enduro at Hawkeye Downs in September! Two people will win the chance to  be our drivers.


How do you get your chance?

-Training: 1 entry for each Good Guys training class completed

-Monthly Yeti Prize Pack: 1 entry for each employee* from a     monthly Yeti prize pack winning shop

-Shop Tours: Visit Good Guys to recieve a behind the scenes tour    of our store and recieve 5 enteries

-Text Program: Join our text group to recieve additional ways to      win chances and get information about the race.

-More to come: Throughout the year we will be running extra   promotions for additional entry opportunities


When is the enduro?

The next enduro is September 19th and it is a 200 lap race.

The front gate opens at 11:00 AM. The enduro races begin at 12:00 PM.


-If your name is drawn, you must be the driver. The position of driver is not transferable to anyone in your shop. If you are not interested, we will pick another name.

-Must follow all of Hawkeye Downs enduro rules

2021 NASCAR Cover Photo.jpg

Text @enduro7777 to 81010 
to join our enduro text group.
Additional ways to win chances, 
and reminders about the race
will be communicated through
this group.

Enduro Prep Videos for May 23rd Race: